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Blog,, LED,, Display, September 2019

Why investing in LED for your HQ makes sense!

So you’re thinking about a new display solution for your high profile area? Traditional LCD video walls are not seamless, projectors require the lights to be carefully controlled to avoid a negative effect on image quality and colour accuracy of the screens. Have you considered LED yet?


Nearly 30 years ago, LED display technology was introduced to the world, primarily for creating supersize digital billboards and sports stadium screens.

Since then, the technology has been continually developing, with increased resolution capability, increased quality, and reduction in price. LED is now a serious contender for high profile areas in retail and corporate spaces.

In fact, corporate deployments make up one-third of the market for narrow pixel pitch displays, an industry that saw a 30% growth in 2018.

There are many reasons why organisations are now choosing LED for reception areas, auditoriums and boardrooms over other visual technologies:

  • The modular construction of LED display technology provides unrivalled opportunities for seamless images in any size or shape. LED displays can be built in ways that create interesting shapes, walkways and even curve around corners for a fully immersive experience.
  • Fine pitch LED technology now provides pixel density and resolution comparable with traditional large format displays. Viewing fine text and detail is now a viable proposition in locations that previously wouldn't have been suitable for LED before. – Perfect for presentations and data analysis in meeting rooms and auditoria.
  • LED displays offer brightness and contrast unrivalled by any other display medium, making it an ideal solution for window or atrium deployments. You can be safe in the knowledge that your branding will always look crisp, and colour issues will not affect your presentation, even in bright, open plan, modern work spaces.
  • And at the same time that the technology has been advancing the use of graphics and video within the corporate environment has also evolved. Putting those two things together makes it tempting for corporates to deliver powerful and impactful corporate messages.  For example, when deployed in a reception area, the brand messaging can be incredible and can be delivered at operating costs that are comparable to the cost of employing one or two receptionists!
  • LED display technology is designed to operate 24/7, and specified correctly, in the harshest of environments.
  • For applications where continuous operation is mission critical, LED is fully field serviceable. Additional resilience features such as power and video redundancy provide further assurances that operational reliability will be assured.
  • The lifespan of LEDs (typically 100,000 hours) means that the solutions are not only superior in terms of visual performance but also the overall cost of ownership is attractive.

There are hundreds of LED manufacturers on the market. How do you ensure that your investment will be successful?

AVMI have extensive experience designing, deploying and supporting LED technology across the globe. Our subject matter experts, LED deployment processes, and bespoke LED service packages ensure that when you choose AVMI to deliver your LED solution, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered successfully and you will be delighted with your investment for years to come.

AVMI's approved LED partner scheme has been developed to ensure we help you select the right product for your project. We work with manufacturers across the industry to understand their manufacturing processes, quality assurance processes, and support and service mechanisms. All AVMI approved and recommended LED manufacturers agree to support the quality of product and service we insist on for our customers.